Technical politics

At this juncture the innovative-technical activity of JSC “Kaztemirtrans” is realized according to several long-term oriented directions:

• rise of technical level of car fleet and production basis;

• development and effective use of scientific and technical and innovative potential;

• use of modern communicatory telecommunicational technologies;

• competitive recovery at home and foreign markets of freight service.


Concrete definition of main directions.

1. Development of freight fleet is directed at the following problems solving:

• Optimization of car fleet of JSC «КТТ» in compliance with economics needs of cargo transportation.

• Limit order of new freight cars with improved operating characteristics and modernization of the existent fleet.

• Planned purchase of freight cars of new generation with overhaul construction (more than 500 thousand km). Careful replacement of existent cars with them.

• Complex modernization of freight-car trucks, increase of overhaul life of trucks from 160 thousand km to 1 mln km.

• Monitoring of innovative projects environment, extracts and realization at the place.

Ultimate aim – fleet formation, consisting of cars with increased technical and performance characteristics permissive to overhaul operating more than 500 thousand km.


2. Technical decisions and innovations of car repair bases development will be directed at the following problems salvation:

• Extra equipment, renewal and modernization of technological equipment.

• Building and reconstruction of shops.

• Getting of major repairs execution right with prolongation of life time and modernization of freight cars.

• Creation of technical diagnostics centers for survey work of freight cars, moulded pieces for life time prolongation.

• Organization of points of cars cutting.

• Manufacture development of spare parts nomenclature for freight cars repairs.

• Complex automatized control system application of repair manufacture.

• Expansion of usage of wear proof welding deposition of details, improvement of technology.

• Boiler-rooms equipment with the system of autocontrol and heat irradiation regulation.

Ultimate aim – Creation of automatized manufacture with opportunity of adaptable type of every repair base in each repair and cars type.


3. Organization of effective functioning of Company on the base of communicatory telecommunicational technologies is directed at the following problems salvation:

• Application of ACS to technical condition of freight cars.

• Development of enterprise network of datacom with usage of technologies MPLS.

• Application of ACS with carrier company business inclusive of all constituents of vehicular process.

Ultimate aim – Creation of modern telecommunicational infrastructure.


Prospective results:

• full satisfaction of Carriers in rolling stocks;

• getting of economical interest at the expense of decline in service purchase of cars repairs from exterior enterprises;

• creation of safe work conditions of worker;

• significant lowering of negative influence on environment.