Financial and economic activity of «Kaztemirtrans» JSC

Reports of financial activity 

In accordance with No. 234-III Law “On accounting and financial statements” of February 28, 2007 financial statements of “Kaztemirtrans” JSC are prepared according to international standards and represented the information of financial position, results of the activities and changes in the financial position of the company.

Financial statements of “Kaztemirtrans” JSC include: 

1) report on the financial position;
2) report on the income statement;
3) statement of cash flows;
4) statement of changes in equity;
5) information of accounting policy and explanatory note.

Procedures of the financial reporting and additional requirements are determined in accordance with international standards and requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan regarding accounting and financial reporting. Audit of the annual financial reporting for 2016-2017 has been conducted in compliance with international standards of the financial reporting by “Deloitte” LLP, the independent auditor.

The report of independent auditors of “Deloitte” LLP summarizes the views on the financial statements of “Kaztemirtrans” JSC and its subsidiaries for 2017 and the authenticity of the given statements in all essential aspects according to international standards of the financial reporting. There are no any reservations and negative opinions in the abovementioned report.

Net loss of “Kaztemirtrans” JSC and its subsidiaries for 2017 equaled 16 322 682 thousand KZT, as compared to last year it was 14 987 509 thousand KZT.

Consolidated and non-consolidated financial statements of “Kaztemirtrans” JSC for 2017 are placed in Depositary of the financial reporting for organizations of public interest in compliance with the rules of presenting financial statements to the Depositary approved by No. 26 decree of Management Board of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 28, 2016.