The loyalty coefficient is for the benefit of loading.


“Kaztemirtrans” JSC approved the loyalty coefficient, according to which distribution of covered wagons among shippers will be carried out.

Clients' demand for covered wagons increases annually during the harvest season, from September to December.

- As a national operator, we adhere to a stable pricing policy, while private owners can afford to increase railcar prices during these periods. As a result, many shippers come to us. In order to keep our regular customers the priority right to receive cars for loading, we have developed the loyalty coefficient,” - Lyazzat Zhumasheva, Director of Customer Relations Department of “Kaztemirtrans” JSC said.

- After analyzing the loading from February of the current year - when “Kaztemirtrans” JSC began to provide services of a wagon operator, we noticed that different categories of shippers used the company's fleet. Some of them remain loyal to the company throughout the year, regardless of the season and conclude service contracts with us. The others are looking for an alternative, turning to private operators, and when there are not enough cars, they return to “Kaztemirtrans” JSC. Now, during the increased demand for covered wagons, we will give preference to those customers who are with us constantly.

The loyalty coefficient approved by the company applies to four categories of shippers. The first includes shippers who have signed a service contract with “Kaztemirtrans” JSC. The second category includes shippers who use monthly 90% or more of KTT wagons for loading from the total volume of transportation. The third one uses more than 50 percent of wagons per month, and the fourth one - using less than 50 percent of KTT fleet.

Employees of regional branches of “Kaztemirtrans” JSC interacting with contractors on issues operating the park, will supply in accordance with the approved coefficient distributing covered wagons at the stations of Kostanai, Sarykol, Kokshetau-1, Pavlodar, Pavlodar-Yuzhnyi, Pavlodar-Port, Pavlodar-Severnyi, Sharbakty in the period from September to December of the current year.

So, the provision of wagons of the second category of customers will begin in the event of full provision of customers of the first category. The third one - after full provision of the first and second categories of customers and so on. With the same categories of loyalty, preference will be given to the shipper’s application received earlier.