“Kaztemirtrans” JSC began to work in “one manager” mode


“Kaztemirtrans” JSC has established the customer service process on “manager - client – manager” principle.

- Now at the conclusion of the contract, the application and other questions are immediately redirected to the customer service department. After an oral interview with a client, when we find out the volume of traffic, type of rolling stock, kind of message, service and other parameters, a manager will be determined for further work with this client, ” Lyazzat Zhumasheva, the director of the customer service department of “Kaztemirtrans” JSC, said. - We will distribute customers based on additional terms of the contract, as well as the workload of managers. Every month we analyze how many customers every manager leads in order to share the work equally.

Another innovation was the distribution of notifications in case of illness or manager's vacation. Two numbers are indicated in messages sent to customers and they will be able to contact them and receive answers to all questions of interest.

- Previously, without a directory at hand, customers called up departments that did not have the authority and competence to answer certain questions, and then complained that they were being “kicked”. At the same time, employees were distracted from their immediate duties. Now, such cases are excluded practically, Lyazzat Zhumasheva says. - Like everything new, this process will still be improved, identified shortcomings will be excluded, but the principle of “one window” has already proved itself.

By the way, the changes also affected the model contract. It was divided into points, for each of which responsible structures are assigned according to the approved order.

“If a client has a claim to fulfill one or another clause of the contract, he, again, turns to the client manager, and he turns to the responsible department, after which he gives a detailed answer to the client,” Lyazzat Zhumasheva explained.