Trade union

The results of activities and new challenges of the trade union

In 2013 the primary trade union organization was created in the central office and branches of “Kaztemirtrans” JSC in Astana and joined “Kazakhstan industry trade union of workers of railway, motor, air and water transport” SO. 

The activities of the trade union organization are carried out on the principles of equal cooperation and social partnership with the employer. Participation of the trade union are represented in commission of conciliation, commissions on social and labor relations, consideration of social issues, issues of moral stimulation and other ones.

The activities of the trade union have been undertaken in different directions for the period of 2015-2016.

The Collective agreement and three additional agreements were worked out and signed between “Kaztemirtrans” JSC and its working collective for 2015-2017 pursuant to which social conditions for workers of the central office of the Organization were improved. It’s an opportunity of free pass for an employee and one dependant in passenger trains once a year, sanatorium-resort therapy in the health-improving centers of Kazakhstan and some of the CIS and non-CIS countries, one-time financial incentives, etc. Moreover all the payments for retiring workers are saved.

The trade union considers applications, takes measures for protection of labor and professional rights of the members of the trade union, and presents a reasonable opinion on an application of an employer for termination of labor contract with workers – members of the trade union. Social issues are solved. So for 2015-2016 this organization has considered applications and provided the following financial assistance to: 

  • 39 members of the trade union on the occasion of the birth of a child valued at 755 thousand tenge;
  • 14 members of the trade union for sanatorium-resort therapy at the rate of 500 thousand tenge;
  • 8 workers because of the death of near relatives valued at 290 thousand tenge;
  • 7 applications for rendering financial assistance for treatment at the rate of 1 010 000 tenge were directed and allowed by the Central Board of the trade union.

In 2015 payments for awarding prizes for the members of the trade union were 1 542 157 tenge, in 2016 - 1 124 365 tenge.

The trade union gives a special attention to cultural and sporting events. 

So, workers of “Kaztemirtrans” JSC participated in Sport Games among members of central office, affiliates and subsidiaries of “NC “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” JSC, devoted to the 25th Anniversary of Independence of RK in November, 2016. The trade union allocated funds on purchase of sports uniform for football team of “Kaztemirtrans” JSC. The members of the trade union organization at the head of Zamir Serikov, the Chairman, took an active part in Sport Games. 

Holidays for children of the members of the trade union devoted to the International Children’s Day and competition of children’s sketches devoted to the 25th Anniversary of Independence of RK were organized with awarding gift certificates. 

The trade-union committee jointly with the leadership of “Kaztemirtrans” JSC organized cultural events devoted to the Transport Worker Day, Senior Persons Day, etc. 

“In spite of the fact that the trade union has made major efforts to settle social questions and organize cultural work among the masses, at the present time the members of the trade union want to see it powerful and authoritative organization which presents and protects individual and collective, social, labor, professional rights and interests of the members of the trade union directed at improvement of living standards, - Zamir Serikov, the Chairman of the trade union organization, representative of the Central Board of trade unions in “Kaztemirtrans” JSC said. – Today it’s important for people to feel protected professionally: keep their own working place, receive worthy salary, have acceptable conditions of work, sense of security in the future.
At the present time the trade union is endued more powers in accordance with the new Labor Code of RK, its status and role as “the representative of workers” has been improved. The Collective Agreement became a basic legal document which gives opportunities for effective social dialoging between employer and workers.

The trade union of “Kaztemirtrans” JSC sees its task to realize ample powers and provided functions on protection of interests of its members – workers of the organization, carry out explanatory and organizational work regarding entry of workers into the trade union. Of course it’s not enough to have only information awareness for extension of the trade union. The best agitator is concrete actions. We will brisk up the work in this direction, - Zamir Serikov assured.