Corporate management

The corporate management in the Joint-stock company «Kaztemirtrans» (Company hereinafter) is formed on basis of the fairness, honesty, responsibility, transparency, professionalism and competence. The corporate management System assumes the rights and interests respect of all the interested faces, makes it possible to reveal the critical risks for the Company including its value increasing, the financial stability and profitability supporting.

The Company considers the corporate management system as a tool of the Only shareholder’s interests observance, the forming of the balanced relationships system with all interested faces and its activity efficiency increasing.

The fundamental principles of the corporate management in the Company are:

  • the principle of the Only shareholder’s rights and interests protection;
  • the principle of the effective management of the Committee of directors Company and Management;
  • the principle of the Company’s self-reliant activity;
  • the principles of transparency and information disclosure objectivity;
  • the principles of legality and ethics;
  • the principles of effective dividend politics;
  • the principles of effective personnel policy;
  • the principle of the environment preservation;
  • the policy or the conflicts and interest conflict regulation;
  • the principle of responsibility.

The essential aims of the corporate management in the Company:

  • the strategic planning system perfection, monitoring and internal control;
  • the providing with comprehensive information disclosure about the Company, including its financial state, economic performance, property and management structure;
  • the increasing of the Company’s effective activity at the expense of the accountability system perfection, risk management and internal control mechanisms;
  • the increasing of the staff management and development as a more important Company’s resource, the development of partnership relationships between the Company and workers in social problems decision and working conditions regulation;
  • the active collaboration with interested faces etc.

The Corporative management code in the Company has been adopted by the decision of the Joint-stock Company’s committee of directors «National company «Kazakhstan temir joly» from 24 November 2009 the minutes № 7.

In accordance with the Corporate Governance Code of JSC "Kaztemirtrans" internal documents on corporate governance were developed and approved, including a new edition, namely:

1. Code of Conduct.

2. Policy on significant corporate events.

3. Policy for settlement of corporate conflicts.

4. Information that constitutes official, commercial or other secrets protected by law.

5. Regulations on the Management Board.

6. Terms of inauguration of the newly elected members of the Board of Directors.

7. Policy to resolve the conflict of interest among employees and officials.

8. Rules of social support to employees of the central office.

9. Information Policy.

10. Risk Management Policy.

11. Rules for identification and risk assessment.

12. Regulations on the internal control system.

Information about the structure and society bodies competence

The Bodies of the Company are:
1. The Superior body is the Only shareholder (the Joint-stock company «National company «Kazakhstan temir joly»).
2. The Management body is the Committee of Directors, the competence is the general activity management of the Company and the Management activity control.
3. The Executive body is the Management, the competence is the Company’s current activity management leaded by the Company Management Chairman.
The competence of the management body and the executive body is defined by the Society Regulation.

The business ethics code

The business ethics Code of Society is the management tool for the company development and effective interaction with interested faces on basis of the following to the legalism and formulations of legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The business ethics Code is adopted by the Company’s Committee of directors’ decision (the minutes of 7 July 2010 № 9).

The fundamental corporative values, on basis of which the Company’s activity form, are honesty, reliability and professionalism of its workers, the efficiency of their job, mutual assistance, the respect to each other, to the interested faces and Company in whole.

The Company is guided by the following business ethics principles:

  • honesty
  • fairness
  • good faith
  • transparency
  • reliability.
The information disclosure

The company carries on and disclosures the financial accounting according to the Kazakhstan and international (ISFA) standards.

Following the transparency principle the Company also disclosures the additional information about its activity, which can represent the interest or be essential for the Only shareholder, investors or other interested faces, excluding the information forming the state or commercial secret.

For the information disclosure the Company uses more convenient for addresses means and ways. The maximum possible volume of information is allocated on the web-site

The Company also disclosures information through the informational agencies and other mass media. Every essential event or action in the Company is accompanied by press-release. The company arranges the press-conferences on the important questions of its activity.

The risk management and internal control system

The corporative system risks management in the Company is realized in the network of the Only shareholder’s recommendations — the Joint-stock Company «National company «Kazakhstan temir joly» according to which the corporative risks management adoption must be realized according to the model COSO «The risks Corporative management «Integrated model» (2004).

The main methodological base for the risks management in the Company are the corporative system of risks management Conception, the risks management Policy and the identification Rules and the Company’s risks assessment confirmed by the company’s Committee of directors.

The main aims of the risks management Policy in the Company are:

  • the forming of an effective complex system and the risks management integrated process as the Company’s management element and (or) its daughter organizations as well as the constant activity perfection on basis of the unified approach to the methods and risks management procedures;
  • the providing with acceptable risks taking by the Company and (or) its daughter organizations appropriate for the scales of its activity;
  • the determination of the retention and the taken risks effective management providing.

In the network of the project of administrative accounting System in JSC «NWF «Samruk — Kazyna» and incoming in it national companies the risks and control Matrix of the Company’s corporative level has been worked out which reflects the current status 27 kinds of the corporative level internal control appropriated with the model COSO «The risks Corporative management «Integrated model» (2004).

27 kinds of the risks Matrix internal control and the Company’s control were oriented to the internal control system forming in terms of the corporative level risks, shortcomings revealing and possibilities determination for the corporative management system.

At present the Company has adopted and executes 24 of 27 control procedures. The rest of control procedures have been planned for the adoption in 2011.

According to the arrangements Plan of management accounting system adoption the internal control system has been adopted in the Company, which is determined as a process, realized jointly by Committee of directors, Management, structure subdivision and the Company’s workers, the activities of which must realize the achievements of the following Companies aims:

  • the activity efficiency providing;
  • assets, information and effective sources using safety;
  • fullness, reliability and authenticity of the financial and managerial accounting;
  • the adherence of the Republic of Kazakhstan legislation’s demands and internal documents;
  • the risks minimization at the expense of the risk-management optimal system adoption and supporting.

The internal control system is determined as a complex of policy, processes and procedures, norms of behavior and actions, promoting the effective and rational activity, making it possible the Company to react to the essential risks in a proper way in the part of the Company’s aims achievement.

The internal control system includes the following interconnected components: the test medium, the risk assessment, the internal control procedures, the informational support system and information exchange, the monitoring and internal control system efficiency assessment.

The corporative secretary

According to the Republic of Kazakhstan’s Law of 13 May 2003 № 415-II «About joint-stock companies» the corporative secretary is a worker of a joint-stock company, not being a Committee of directors’ member or the Company’s executive body’s one, who is also appointed by the Company’s Committee of directors and is accountable for the Company’s Committee of directors as well as in terms of its activity controls the preparing and the arrangement of the shareholders meeting conference and the Company’s Committee of directors, provides the materials forming on the agenda’s questions of the general shareholders’ meeting and materials to the Company’s Committee of directors conference, directs control of the access providing to them.

The Corporative secretary is accountable in his activity to the Company’s Committee of directors.

The Corporative secretary realizes his activity in accordance with the legislation standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan, regulations, the corporative management Code, the state about the Corporative secretary, other Company’s internal documents as well as the Only shareholder’s and the Committee’s of directors decisions.

As the Company’s Corporative secretary Batanova Nasipa Tileuzhanovna has been appointed by the Committee’s of directors decision.

Miras Erbolatuly Kuanyshbai, born in 1990, was appointed as the Corporate Secretary of "Kaztemirtrans" JSC according to the Resolution of the Board of Directors (Minutes No.4).

He has graduated D.A.Kunaev Humanitarian University of Transport and Law as the holder of a master's degree of economics and business. His occupational life is 6 years, in the sphere of railway transport - 6 years.
The record of service for last 3 years:
Since 08.01.2014 to 02.14.2017 he has been the Manager of the Deparment of Asset Management in "NC "KTZ" JSC.