«Kaztemirtrans» Joint-stock company’s management (Company hereinafter) is a collegial executive body to the competence of which are related the decisions of all Company activities’ questions had not been related by Law, other legislation acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Company’s regulations to other bodies’ competence and Company’s officials. The Management obliged to do decisions of the Only shareholder and the Committee of directors.

The essential goals of the Management are the development of the Company’s strategic proposals, the Company’s financial-economic politics realization, the working of the most important questions’ decisions out of its current economic activity and its subdivisions’ work coordination, the control system’s efficiency and risks monitoring system increasing, the providing with rights and legitimate interests of a shareholder.

The Management realizes his activity in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Company’s regulations, the Only shareholder’s and the Company’s Committee’s of directors decisions and the Company’s internal documents.

The Management acts for the benefit of the Company and is accountable to the Only shareholder and the Company’s Committee of directors.

The Management conferences are arranged according to the work plan formed on the basis of the chairman’s proposals, the Management’s members and the managers of the Company’s structure subdivisions. The work planning gives an opportunity for every Management’s member systematically to prepare for conferences as well as to increase the quality of the conducting conferences, the relevance of the Management conferences’ taken decisions.

For 2011 year 42 conferences were arranged and there were taken decisions on 196 questions.

In 2012 - 39 protocols on 153 issues. 

In 2013 29 meetings took place on 98 issues.

In 2014, the Board held 29 meetings, discussed 109 issues.

In 2015, the Board held 38 meetings, discussed 106 issues.

In 2016, the Board held 39 meetings, discussed 124 issues. 

In 2017, the Board held 48 meetings, discussed 120 issues. 

The Management members’ rights and obligations are determined by the Republic of Kazakhstan legislation, the Company’s regulations, the State about the Company Management (in working out).

The Company management of “Kaztemirtrans” JSC

As of 08.29.2019


The Chairman of the Board (the Director General)

Dauren Oralsynovich Bimov


The Deputy General Director for Corporate Affairs

Nurserik Kadyrsizovich Kudereev


The Deputy General Director for Operation

Marat Zhailaubaevich Serikbaev


The Deputy General Director for Sales

Viktor Viktorovich Fedotov


The Managing Director for economic and information security

Aldiyar Berikbekovich Akhmetzharov